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Dusk Eyes Macro-Crystalline Bottle


Wheel-thrown bright stoneware coated in porcelain with willemite crystals and aventurine glaze, oxidation fired to 1260 degrees C, with several long soakings and temperature rising amid a long cooling.


Height: 270 mm

Diameter: 100 mm


Crystalline glazes are specialty glazes that show large and distinct crystal growth in the glass matrix. For crystals to form and grow, the firing schedule is as critical as the glaze composition, which requires high percentages of zinc and far lower alumina than most other glaze types. The liquidity of the molten glaze allows the zinc and silica molecules to migrate through the glaze and bond with one another to form the crystalline structure. Through very long kiln soakings at precise temperatures, I guide the crystal formation, resulting in the concentric rings you can appreciate in this peace. Additionally, crystalline glazes will profusely run onto glaze collectors, placed underneath the bottles for that specific purpose, that must be carefully cut away and diamond sanded, to create softs foots, after the firing.


This is a decorative piece. Although very beautiful, macro-crystalline glazes are not suitable to eat or drink from due to their unique composition, which makes them prone to leach under acid exposure and sensitive to scratches from utensils or scourers. Furthermore, the glaze in the interior of this specific work’s neck solidified enclosing a small clay particle in its interior, completely inaccessible for the rest of this piece’s life. This kind of occurrence is a byproduct of its making, its own unique story, and can’t be undone without breaking it. So, if you ever shake it, and you hear a subtle noise inside, that’s it.

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