LOGO SMALL LEONAS 2 mini 50pix

Landslide Yunomi


Wheel-thrown bright stoneware cup, with nuka and yellow seto ash glazes over tenmoku rust wash, oxidation fired to 1280 degrees C.


Height: 75-80 mm aprox.

Diameter: 80-85 mm aprox.

Capacity: 230 ml


This teacup is dishwasher safe and food safe, although washing by hand is highly advised. The sharper edges can be susceptible to chipping if they’re hit hard so, please handle your pots with care. Remember, this isn’t a mass-produced factory pot; this is a unique handmade piece. Additionally, the liner nuka glaze inside this pot can stain naturally overtime with liquids such as tea or coffee. This is simply a by-product of this specific type of wood ash glaze. It is highly vitrified and there’s nothing toxic or dangerous that can leach out from it.

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