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Snow Woods Bowl


Fan-shaped tea bowl wheel-thrown from iron-rich clay harvested in the local surroundings, and finished with a nuka glaze made with oak ash, oxidation fired to 1280 degrees C.


Height: 75mm

Diameter: 125mm

Capacity: 260ml


Price per bowl, not a set. Each piece in this series may vary slightly in size and pattern. Naturally occurring clay, harvested by myself, may contain smaller impurities that, together with iron speckles, become visible through the nuka glaze. This unique characteristic, along with contrasting soft and rough surfaces, enhances the special appeal and distinctiveness of these bowls without compromising their functionality.


This bowl is dishwasher and food safe, though handwashing is strongly recommended. Please handle your pots with care, as the sharper edges may chip if struck forcefully. Keep in mind that this isn’t a mass-produced factory pot; it’s a unique handmade piece.


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