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Structural Tenmoku Teaware Set


Set of 3 wheel-thrown bright stoneware cups and a tea serving pot covered in black tenmoku glaze, breaking to rich rust on edges, oxidation fired to 1280 degrees C. The breaking rust color of the edges and surfaces, as well as the size, may vary slightly between sets as shown in the pictures.


Cups Height: 65mm

Cups Diameter: 85mm

Capacity: 200ml


Teapot Height: 85mm

Teapot Diameter: 11mm

Teapot Capacity: 250ml


I found the inspiration to create this tea set in some of my favourite tea serving pots, 公道杯, from Taiwan and Japan. I wanted to maintain the simplicity of the traditional pot, while adding some minimalist structural elements, holds for the fingertips and an inbuild filter, for leaves or ice, and where the tenmoku glaze could break into its rich iron rust colour.


This tea set is dishwasher safe and food safe, although washing by hand is highly advised. The sharper edges can be susceptible to chipping if they’re hit hard so, please handle your pots with care. Remember, this isn’t a mass-produced factory pot; this is a unique handmade piece. The luscious dark tenmoku glaze may pick up water stains from limestone-rich water sources but the easily they wash away.

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