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Tenmoku Gold Swirl Yunomi


Wheel-thrown iron speckled stoneware teacup with gold crystals of  magnesium and iron outside and a liner bone colour glaze on the inside, oxidation fired to 1232 degrees C with long soaking during cooling.


Height: 85mm

Diameter: 75mm

Capacity: 200ml


Price per teacup, not a set. This yunomi is dishwasher and food safe, though handwashing is strongly recommended. Please handle your pots with care, as the sharper edges may chip if struck forcefully. Keep in mind that this isn’t a mass-produced factory pot; it’s a unique handmade piece. The inner liner glaze shows darker dots from the iron speckles present in the clay. The golden dots, falling like a cascade on the surface of the outer glaze, are in fact emerging flat magnesium crystals, that can grow due to a long firing. The translucent honey background turns bluish near the foot.


Each piece in this series varies slightly in size and pattern, much like cubs from the same family. Instead of trying to make all cups identical, I purposely modify the orientation and speed of my hands when giving them their unique final shape. Consequently, even if they start the same, they become different afterward. This may sometimes alter their height and width by a few millimeters too. I do this to give them personality, much like how all of us are continuously shaped by our environment and influence it back as well.

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