LOGO SMALL LEONAS 2 mini 50pix

Tenmoku Rust Chawan


Height: 60mm

Diameter: 128mm

Capacity: 250ml


This is a relatively unadorned iron-rich stoneware tea bowl, but despite its simplicity I put a lot of care in its making. The variegations of its crude surface come mainly from the glaze and the application by hand brush, intentionally layering uneven strokes to produce the rich variations of glittering rust and metallic finished you cand admire in all its faces, none of which is equal. This is a piece to use, observe and discover for a lifetime.


Note that some areas of this bowl have a very thin layer of glaze, but the body underneath is highly vitrified to cone 11 and there is nothing toxic in it. This tea bowl is dishwasher safe and food safe, although washing by hand is highly advised. The sharper edges can be susceptible to chipping if they’re hit hard so, please handle your pots with care. Remember, this isn’t a mass-produced factory bowl; this is a unique handmade piece.


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